Monday, October 28, 2013

Rambler 483

The SWAT teams were different in the 50’s.   If you misbehaved you were swatted.

Is a hemorrhoid hardening of the fartery?

The next best thing to popping bubble wrap is snapping the weekly pill boxes shut.

Based upon the number of bags my wife brings home from shopping, she must have aced shop in H.S.

We’re sending drones into other countries without consent.  The day will soon come where other countries send drones into the U.S.

Why do they call them “men’s dress shoes” when men wear pants?

With the increased use of: insecticides, ingestible plastics (BPA’s) in water bottles and canned goods, and medications of all types why are we surprised by the increases in abnormalities in children?

News headlines (possibly):

Audience all ears about cochlear implants

Article on flint sparks interest

Halloween spooksman masked his emotions

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