Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rambler 407

 ESPN was talking about a quarterback using his head to throw the ball away.   Isn’t it kind of hard to grip the ball that way?

Because of our dogs I bought flea collars.   How do you find the fleas to put the collars on?

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in that casket.”

There was an explorer who circumnavigated the globe; we have politicians who have circumagitated the country.

He was shopping for high trek gadgets for mountain climbing.

Do railroad engineers use trackphones?  (If so, do they come with training wheels?)

The debate team was issued a stay of elocution.  (No word on the new date)

New studies show that Roman use of catapults resulted in their far flung empire.  (Sounds similar to political campaigns today.)

Her mother-in-law reminded me of that composer Meddlesome.

Cool Hand Luke was recently seen in Deadman Reach, Alaska.

News Headlines (possibly):

Lower sales alarm clock makers

Giraffe race neck and neck

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