Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rambler 261

Is the herder of goats a goat whisperer?

In our neighborhood the trees are so small that we do our raking with tweezers.

Are podiatrists defeetists?

I have asthma and stop at a lot of gasp stations.

Between jobs what does an assassin do, kill time?

California community creates stink by banning deodorant and perfume in city hall. (Opponents are up in arms while aldermen are arms down.)

At our family gathering I offered to sing requests. They asked me to sing: "Far, far, away."

Electronic game players are meeting in Arcade, CA.

There once was a man from Bangor
In a boat with only one oar
He lost many a pound
Going round and round
And never made it to shore

I am so forgetful. I must be taking too much Philips Milk of Amnesia.

News Item Headings: (possibly)

Sales of hot air balloons up.

Minnesotans find it easy to chill out.

New fishing reel design creating a backlash. (Cranky customers.)

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