Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rambler 227

The nice thing about elections is the end to political ads. It allows us to return to watching drug ads. (Actually, drug sales should have increased while the political ads were running because of the pain they inflicted.)

At some places I worked, getting chewed out was a cringe benefit.

Someone asked how the "Hogs" came to be associated with the Washington Redskins. It should be apparent since Washington is the origin of most pork.

Marketing-do Eskimos get cold calls?

For Halloween, there will be a rerun of Hill Street Boos.

Height impaired people are holding a short meeting in Biggs, CA.

There once was a collector of brass
A huge pile he did amass
But with no place to store
Except in the middle of the floor
It's now in the basement alas

With all the lies and exaggerations in the political ads, it appears one candidate is leading by a nose.

In the Twin Cities 21 parishes are perishing.  (Is that considered mass closing?)

He was so rich that when his car needed an oil change, he bought a new car.

How often do fish need an oil change?

Are beekeepers considered wanabees?

A bird in the hand leaves a mess.

A penny saved is hardly worth the effort.

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  1. The drug ads are so true and loved the cringe benefits! lol