Monday, February 21, 2011

Rambler 260

For hunting season a group bought large, loud, firecrackers with the intent to set them off and cause deer to die of heart attacks.
They had competition to see who could get the largest buck for the bang.

While sound cannot travel in a vacuum, certain elected officials' comments confirm that a sound can emanate from a vacuum.

One company is in the process of closing 200 Borders. Why can't our government close one?

Even in the arid Middle East a little Bahrain must fall.

Wireless phone executives are meeting in Signal Hill, CA.

There was a man in space
Traveling at a very fast pace
When he returned
He soon learned
That his age wasn't apace

I joined a wine tasting book club. You read between the wines. The first book: "The Wrath of Grapes."

Is fertilizer for corn considered an earing aid?

News Item Headings: (possibly)

Apple futures drop.

Bobber company floating a loan. (They're hoping not to go under.)

Competition between stove makers heating up.

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